Another agent was kind enough to send me a note with some feedback. She says that my voice is good and I have a nice command of language (YAY!) and what I should focus on is character development and plot.

I had a beautiful little lunch with my husband downtown and ran directly to the bookstore after. I found a book, “Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint,” by Nancy Kress. So far, it’s been very helpful. Very.

I’ve already found opportunities to expound my characters feelings and thoughts. For example, after Humphrey leaves behind his Sweetie Pie family he can lament his own family. What could I do? Should I paint his mother as neglectful but quirky or outright evil? By that point in the book, she’s neglectful but odd – but I think I’ll step it up a little. Maybe do a mix of both.

To find out more, stay tuned. Or … you could request the manuscript? (wink, wink)