Over these last few months, while sitting on my little plaid chair, a throw pillow on my lap, tucked away from all the people in my life, the world keeps spinning, moving, doing. And I watch. I watch the TV screen numb and sad wishing things were different.

My last blog post was about my search for representation and the right literary agent for my book(s), and today on October 23rd, this is still the case. But over these months as the pandemic rages on, a few things have happened in my writing world too.

After my last post on May 8th, an email popped up in my inbox with some good news (on the same day I posted), a much needed ray of light. My editor, Joelle Dujardin, at Highlights magazine sent a final major edit for me to review GRANDPOP’S OCEAN, which was set for publication for their November issue. The edits were beautifully done, and I loved how it turned out. The email expressed how much they loved the piece, how the end gave them goose bumps, and how excited they were to publish it.

Just two days ago, in the mail, I received my copies of the November issue with GRANDPOP’S OCEAN featured on pages 20 and 21. It’s so pretty. I couldn’t help it, all I could do was cry.

In late August, early September, another email from a small press publisher invited me to do a revision on one of my books. The editor said the editorial process was for the intention of acquisitions and making an offer on the book. I worked hard on the revisions, but by late September the editor came back and said they still weren’t connecting. Oh, well. A disappointment, but I was still grateful for the chance.

This month I’ve completed my third novel, an upper middle grade book set in 1959 based on my parent’s lives growing up in Brooklyn. I’ve been querying for three weeks. I’ve received a handful of requests, but so many rejections. Most of the rejections have been forms, but this go-around a few agents have been writing small encouraging notes too. The few agents who are still considering the book are good agents. It’d be wonderful to work with any one of them, but I have a list of publishers and editors prepared just in case the agent route doesn’t come to fruition this time.

While the world keeps spinning, moving, doing, and as Covid 19 confirmed cases have been rising, the death rate climbing, my perspective on the pursuit of publication is balanced with a renewed sense of profound gratitude for the good things I DO have instead of the things I don’t.