The last several months I have been taking writing courses, and an intensive workshop through UCLA extension. It’s been an amazing experience, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

When I submitted my application and full manuscript for the workshop, I was aware, and just to note that the course is taught and instructed by Robert Eversz, author of the Nina Zero novels, screenwriter, and co-founder of the Prague Summer Program for writers, in any case, I was fully aware that admission was highly selective with only 7 students chosen for the winter and spring semesters, so I didn’t expect to get into the class. But to my surprise and delight, I did.

Now that I have been in the workshop for several months, now that I’m in the groove of reading my fellow writers manuscripts, and revising my own as we go along the way, I have grown as a reader and a writer. I’ve blossomed, and in the name of cheesy similes, like a rosebud whose petals are open for the first time and slanted toward the sunlight, I’m basking in my newly found voice, skill, and methodology, which has changed the way I see my characters and write my stories.

I’m still in the thick of it, so I will update in this blog along the way. Several agents have been kind enough to wait until the end of the course to see my revised manuscript(s). So I have something to work toward, which is better than the alternative. Before this course I was in a rut, but now I’m riding, or should I say, writing along at full speed.