I rewrote the scene where Humphrey is following the Sweetie Pie family on Main Street in Disneyland. After they turn into Adventureland and then head toward the Pirates of the Caribbean, Humphrey goes into his own head thinking about how he should memorize the entire Disneyland map. Obviously, the Sweetie Pie family knew exactly where to go and didn’t need a map. And he should do the same.

So Humphrey plays with the idea that he could have a photographic memory. My research indicates that photographic memories are difficult to define. And Psychology Today says that “it’s nearly impossible to recall images with near perfect accuracy.” Sadly, I’m so far from having a photographic memory that I had to look back at that quote in the Psychology Today at least three times, just to write it in this post! Eeeek!

When Humphrey refers to having memorized the entire Disneyland map, later in the story, it will already be established that he may or may not have a photographic memory, but he sure does have a good one. That way he will be more in line with the realities concerning a photographic memory.

Someday, if my story ever gets published, some of my readers can look back at these old posts and see what was going on while I went through the editing process of my book.

Or … if I don’t ever get it published, you can just feel sorry for me because of all the work I did. I don’t mind pity. Really. But I’d much rather have the first thing happen. You know?