I have a problem. I don’t have time to read all the books. When I scroll down Twitter or catch up on my blog reading, there are many, many, many books that look fantastically compelling and wonderful, but how can I read them all? I want to. I really do.

As a person in the human race, engaged in society, alert to current events, and basically just living, I am like many others: An over-consumer of information. From the time my eyes flutter open to see a new day arise, I am inundated with words. Words coming at me in all forms … Oh my, even this very second as my phone was charging in the kitchen it just dinged. Like a bee to a flower I automatically stood up from writing this blog post and went to check my phone. It was an email from my son’s old school district. More words, more information.

By reading this post, you too are being flooded with words, words, words (sorry about that), but hopefully you will glean a few ideas on ways you can recharge from information overload, and live to read another day.

  • This is obvious. Unplug. Turn off all of the devices. This is easier said than done. Being unplugged can feel unsettling. What if we miss an important phone call, text, or email? What if there was a natural disaster, accident, or attack somewhere in the world and I wasn’t informed of it the moment it happened, or the moment the news media headlined it on my news feed? Am I missing a new photo or story being posted on my WordPress blog, Instagram, Facebook, or any other number of social media outlets? Also, why do I feel a natural compunction to check how many minutes, hours I’m on my phone, or how many steps I took today? Remember that old adage: Curiosity killed the cat. That’s us. We’re informing ourselves to death.
  • Open the front door and walk outside. Even for a few minutes. Even if it’s 100 degrees and burning hot. Even if it’s 20 degrees below zero and freezing. Just go outside and feel the sun on your face, the spray of rain on your skin, take a deep breath and allow nature to reset your soul.
  • Stand up and stretch. If you’re sitting a lot (as I do) movement will help get the blood flowing again. If you’re standing a lot, sit down and take calming breaths. Close your eyes for a minute or so, allow the words and information of the day to melt away by listening to music or your favorite song.
  • Laugh. Oftentimes, we write lol after things we’ve written, even if it wasn’t that funny. With this in mind, even if you’re by yourself, laugh out loud at nothing. Even if you don’t have a reason to laugh. Try it. You’ll feel much better.
  • Spontaneously hug someone you care about, even if it’s a side hug. Human touch can help recharge our spirit. Plus, it makes the other person feel better too.
  • Last of all, be honest with yourself and others about how much information overload affects your life. Talk about it. We all feel overwhelmed by words and information from time-to-time.

In any case, I realize that I don’t have time to read all the books, but I can pick my top 5 and go from there. We all have choices to make. We just have to do what the old monk on the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said, “Chose wisely.”