Everyday the sky tells me a different story. When I left my house this morning, and drove my little son to school, I looked at the wide cloud-streaked sky.

And as tiny bits of sunlight attempted to escape through thick bands of white, I suddenly felt a twinge of hope for the day.

And we all need hope, especially now, in the world we live in.

I hoped that my son would learn something new this day.
I hoped like everyone else that we could work hard and earn our keep this day.
I hoped for lots of things for this day.

And then as the clouds shifted, I hoped for a sunshiny day for our school carnival since our local PTO is raising money to help fund teacher’s classroom supplies and equipment.

They’ll be an auction and if anyone happens to be in the area you can bid on two autographed copies of my picture book, A Princess Smiled. Part of the bid includes my donating 100 books to your favorite local charity, like the Ronald Mc Donald House or St Luke’s children’s hospital.

Plus, they’ll be many other goods and services to bid on to help our local elementary school teachers.

So I’m hoping the sun will keep shining and that I’ll see you there.