Most days, sunshiny days, rainy ones, cold or hot, and all the days in between, I’ve been pounding away on this keyboard. And I’m happy to say that after all of this time, after all of these long, long, long days, it has been worth it. Every second.


Do I finally have agent representation? Has some editor discovered my manuscript in a slush pile the size of Mount Everest?

The answer is simply: No.

Though, here is why it has been worth it.

I’ve just read over my entire manuscript and although it’s not perfect in the technical sense of the word, it’s perfect to me. It has a soul. It sings. And I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I love my characters, they reflect who I am, or who I want to become, or some melancholy aspect, a shadow, of who I was at one time long ago.

So, if anyone were to ask where to find me – I’m there – between the pages. That’s where my true soul can be found, exactly where a writer’s soul should be.