Today I’ve been listening to the radio. I need some music in my life. The words that fill the pages of the stories I have written, as I look at them over and over, are becoming tired and old.

Right now, one of my books is out with five agents. And another book is being reviewed by an editor after an R&R, and also requested by one agent.

I have to stop looking at the manuscripts. The words are blending together into an incoherent mess of nothing.

Time to let them go …

Perhaps the agents or editor who reads them for the first time will see those old shabby words as fresh, bright and new. Kind of like when a friends says, “I like your dress.” And you reply, “Oh, this old thing.”

But your friend has never seen that particular dress before, so to her it looks flattering and new.

I hope that’s how the agents and editor will see my stories.

Because at this point, I can’t tell anymore.

BTW — if any agent or editor just happens to read this. I am very happy to consider any revisions or feedback you may have. I am a great reviser (if that’s even a word – I don’t know).

Here’s hoping that tomorrow a fresh delivery of vibrant words will come to all of us writers packaged in pretty, nicely wrapped contracts and offers!