Today I checked my postbox and guess what? Things have been quiet. I haven’t received one rejection letter or response since the last several times I’ve written to all of you.

That’s good. Right?

Last week I decided to find out what some of the responses I have received, mean. Or how to decifer them. So I went on the Discussion Board of the SCBWI site and found some helpful hints on writing and sending manuscripts out to publishers.

Okay. The fact that things are quiet right now is good. They say that means it’s possible that the editors are seriously considering the manuscript. They say that it’s easy to kick out a rejection letter. So the longer we don’t hear back … the better.

What about exclusive submissions? I sent both manuscripts out as rewrites and exclusively. SCBWI says that no editor expects any manuscript to be exclusive unless they request it themselves. Typically, if we do sent an exclusive, it’s usually a 30 day deadline on the exclusive.

That means if we don’t hear back, we can send it to other editors but need to act professionally if that original editor does come back with an offer of some type.

Does this make sense at all?

Anyhow, I learned a bunch of other stuff too. But my hubby walked in for dinner. I’ll share more on the next post.