Today the sunshine changes from light to dark every few minutes. Clouds keep getting in the way. Heavy and should I use the word, foreboding? Some of the clouds are thin, wispy strands of nothing. Once again the outside weather reflects my mood.

I have two rewrites out there, to two different publishers. One is for FlowerMiss and the other for a picture book, “Once Upon A Hobo.” The editors gave me small feedback but nonetheless, it WAS feedback so I made thier suggested changes and resubmitted.

One minute my intuition says, “they’re reading and considering the story, perhaps it is in acquisitions and many editors are discussing the possibility.” Then a minute later, just like the changing sunlight … it’s dark, they don’t want it. It’s coming back home, still unwanted. My poor little manuscripts!

But let’s be real. All of this speculation is just lots of nothing. It’s like my dad always says, “It IS, what it IS.”

So this is what I’ll do: throw out into the wind a handful of good vibes, that yes indeed, I WILL SELL MY STORY! IT WILL HAPPEN!

Come on everybody, keep saying it for me, with me. Because we all know that if you believe it, then you can live it.

Go on all you beautiful words, fly through the wind and sky … breeze toward Massachusetts; land on the desks of those editors.