Parked in front of the post office, I sat in my car, sunlight filtered through the bare branches of a tree, and in half-shadow, half-light; I poured over pages of words. Words I had already written, new words, restructured paragraphs, chapters made over … and then it was DONE.

Remember the editorial feedback I received from Grosset & Dunlap? From the moment that letter came into my care, I began the revision process and that’s ALL I’ve done ever since. Well. Okay, I did do other stuff. But I gave this my best. I really did.

Now the revised manuscript is on its way to New York. Here are my thoughts about this: I’M SCARED! I mean, this is going to be a new kind of rejection. You know, the kind that happens after being HOPEFUL? I had REJECTION all glamorized here in my new blog. Now it’s going to be mean, raw and ugly again. No fun.

Well, I should look at the good part. Now, I have a piece of writing that I’m proud of. And I’m happy with it. That should be what matters. Right?