We spent time in Sun Valley last week. The Lodge and Inn are surrounded by quaint shops, cozy eateries, candy store w/handmade chocolates, and a small pond full of ducks, birds and one big white swan. A beautiful swan. There may have been more than one. But I only saw one. She floated in the middle of the pond like a beautiful white queen.

They also have an outdoor iceskating rink. My son learned how to iceskate for the first time. It was truly lovely. He made new friends, who held his hand, kept him from falling on the ice.

But there was something else I saw. A letter, framed and hanging along a string of old pictures of famous Hollywood actors who had patroned the Lodge over the years. The last letter written by Ernest Hemingway was among them. He signed it “Papa.” It was really neat to see.

Sun Valley is a beautiful place to write and be inspired.