It’s Saturday night. And I am TIRED. But it’s done. Grosset & Dunlap made suggestions to improve my manuscript. The SCBWI Publication Guide said to write a thank you letter. And the truth is … the revisions were exactly what the story needed. I AM thankful.

Now the thank you letter is on its way to New York. Working day and night on the revisions, I pushed myself to write a better story. I wrote a new introductory chapter and new concluding chapter and re-edited the middle accordingly. This whole thing has been a new experience for me. But it’s done something else.

I did exactly what they suggested I do. And so much more. But what if after all this, they reject it? They say it’s not good enough, marketable enough, smart or clean enough? How awful would that be?

I’m willing to do more revisions. Really, I need to get a grip. It’s Saturday night. I just wrote 3000 words in two days. Yes. It’s Saturday night and what am I doing?

Still writing.