I have this blog about rejection letters. Everyday the postbox brings cards, bills, letters, junk mail and I wait. But wait. Yesterday everything went topsy turvy. I got an SASE returned to me from Grosset & Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers in New York. So I joked, “Hey another rejection to write about on my blog!”

I pulled into the garage and sat in the drivers’ seat for a minute. Opening the envelope I see that the letter is personal. Oh good another personal rejection! It’s better than the dreaded form letter. EEEEK!

But wait. No. It’s not just a personal rejection letter. It’s longer, has more type printed on it. Why, there’s editorial feedback for my manuscript. The editorial intern has detailed suggestions on how the characters, storyline can be improved. WHAT? No way. I was flabbergasted!

This means something according to the SCBWI Publication Guide. I hope this to be the beginning of my move out of the shadows…this is the next step. I’ll tell more tomorrow.