I was talking to my friend today about rejection. There’s so many degrees of rejection. Did you know there’s a board game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Another topic, another story for another day. Anyhow, so many ways to be rejected. Too many.

My friend (Hi Anja!), said that how we handle the rejection is important. And I said, “Yes. We should handle it graciously.” Or something like that. It takes awhile to get to that point. At first rejection stings. It hurts. Even the anticipation of rejection is a total downer. So today I make a pact. Every NO I get is just an opportunity. An opportunity to look another direction.

I think about what THEY say… Somewhere in a white padded room there’s a group of people who make up profound sayings, cliches, proverbs and deep thoughts that we quote all the time. THEY (those people) say that, ” When one door closes another one opens.” So that’s the way I’ll look at my rejection. Not just the ones’ from editors. All my rejections.

Because after all THEY know what they’re talking about. Whoever THEY are.