Yay!(Sorry football fans). My husband lost his voice and has a cold. Poor guy. But I cheered too. I cheered because football season is OVER! Yipee! Now I get my hubby back.

Something else good happened today. It wasn’t great, but good. Laurel Snyder wrote in an interview how she was offered her first book contract. She screamed and hollered in her car in disbelief. I’m not at that point YET. But I got a nice rejection today.

My personal handsigned rejection is from a division of Random House. Schwartz and Wade. I got a personal letter from her assistant. And that is nice. To me that’s big.

I’m looking at it now. It has the RANDOM HOUSE Children’s Books letter head imprint on the top page. It was for Barefoot on the Sidewalk. I’m sending my chapter book series out to two publishers this afternoon. The gentleman at the post office was kind enough to sprinkle imaginary pixie dust on my last outbound manuscripts. I think it may help. I really do.