HOMESCHOOLING SCIENCE ACTIVITY (based on my book, Medical Technology Inspired by Nature):

All across the globe, animals are inspiring scientists to invent amazing new technologies. To start your science activity for this week’s lesson, first . . .

  • Go online to find a photo of an animal called a gecko.
  • Did you find the photo? Look at this unique and tiny creature.
  • Did you know that the gecko has sticky feet?
  • Their feet have tiny hairs. These sticky hairs help the gecko to cling to surfaces.
  • They can climb very steep walls.
  • They can even walk on the ceiling without toppling to the ground!
  • Are you amazed? You should be.

Next, you will learn about the unbelievable medical technology that is based on the gecko.

  • Scientists invented a new medical tape based on the gecko.
  • The tape can help people who have been injured.
  • It can bond a cut on the skin.
  • It can seal deep wounds.

Now, think about what you’ve learned about the gecko. Think about the medical technology that the gecko has inspired. See if you can answer these multiple choice questions:

  • What is on the gecko’s feet that help them stick to surfaces?

A.   Tiny little wings.

B.   Tiny hairs.

C.   Tiny feathers.

  • What medical technology was invented inspired by the gecko?

A.   A new type of sponge.

B.   A new type of mask.

C.   A new type of medical tape.

  • What does the surgical tape do to help patients?

A.   It can bond a cut on the skin and seal deep wounds.

B.   It can erase years of unsightly wrinkles.

C.   It can help those with poor singing voices.

Good job!

[Homeschooling teachers . . . Here are the answers to the questions: B, C, and A. Note that next week’s lessons will be more challenging.]

Please join me for next week’s activity: Inspired by the Sandcastle Worm.