When I look outside my window I see palm trees, rolling hills, and sunny skies. My writing space faces the window. A pretty picture to glimpse at every so often while I think and imagine new plots and characters.

I miss Idaho. I miss the old picture outside my old window. But like an old sweater that loses its shape, it was time to reshape our lives. So here we are, grateful for our new adventure.

Part of my new life is querying and submitting to agents. I will always always appreciate my former agent. She taught me so much! But this last year, being the year of new adventures, I have had some amazing opportunities. My educational book as part of a STEM series debuted, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY INSPIRED BY NATURE.

Also, I have an R &R with a great agent with “no expiration date” so I’m really being thoughtful and taking my time with the revisions. Something else my former agent taught me.

The picture outside my window has changed, but the beauty of the picture is celebrating the old while admiring the new.