Okay, so two days ago, I receive another text, “There’s been a tortoise spotting over on Waterbay..” 

Mind you, Waterbay is blocks from our house where Leo had first escaped. 

My son and I jump in the car to head over. No dice. He was last seen by an elderly neighbor who reported he placed him by the pond by the ducks, but he’d since left. 

Leo probably isn’t a duck person. 

Disappointed, we headed home. And for the next two days we scoured Waterway and the neighborhood beyond. 

After one hunt, my son said, “I saw lots of pond frogs and duck feathers but no African tortoise.”

I gave up. 

Poor Leo was toast. 

But just a few minutes ago, our doorbell rang. Who was coming to dinner? It was LEO. Our neighbor said he was walking in the middle of the road toward our house. 


Is he bright enough to remember where we live, or did he happen to circle back to the exact right street at the exact right time. Again? 

Leo must be part cat. Seriously.