I like Tuesday.

It’s not Monday with its beginning of the work week blues.

It’s not Wednesday, or “hump day.” Never really liked the sound of that.

Thursday my husband doesn’t eat. It’s his way of controlling his weight.

Friday is nice. But there is always the expectation TO DO something nice.

Saturday is good, but always busy, like a “catch up” day.

Sunday is sweet, filled with grace and goodness.

But alas, Tuesday is a day to enjoy the sunshine. To be grateful for whatever we have to be grateful for. It’s a day to not think about the fact that your little guy is home from school with strep throat, or that the bills need to be paid, or that the lawn has weeds.

It’s a day to be thankful we had a doctor to see when the little one was sick, or there was some money to pay the bills, or that a nice gentleman came by to spray the weeds.

It’s a day to celebrate the little things.

I’m happy that my new book is in it’s final edits. It’s really close. So close. In fact, an editor is putting her magic touches on it right now and will send me notes by the end of the week. Once the words are all shiny and pretty and new, I will send the book to my agent. I hope she likes it.

Today is Tuesday and I am thankful that I can write here, in my blog. Maybe one day, in the future, it could be a Friday or a Sunday or even a “hump day,” oh my! I could be writing about what my agent thought about my new book. Or maybe I’ll write how I actually, finally, sold my first book. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

This is why I like wistful Tuesdays.

Tuesday is a day to wish and hope and dream.