My first post in months is about donuts.

Yes, I am still a writer. There are many bloggers out there writing about books and book deals and cover reveals and debuts. One day I will, too. But for now I’m writing about donuts. Just because I can.

This morning for the first time in about, oh, 25, 26 years maybe, I drove to a bakery and ordered a donut and a cup of coffee. Not very significant, right? It’s just a donut and a cup of coffee. There are likely millions of people out there right now drinking a cup of coffee and perhaps even, wiping donut crumbs off their laps. So what’s the big deal about a donut and a cup of coffee?

For one thing, I have a seizure disorder and my low blood sugar can trigger an episode. Not good. Typically, I stay away from ingesting sugary foods without protein to counter the effects. Having a donut for breakfast without protein, for me, is dangerous.

Coffee is another trigger. Even decaf, for some reason, causes me to have heart palpitations and messes with my blood pressure, therefore causing a possible seizure event. So as you read this you may wonder: Why the heck did she order a donut and a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning? Is she insane?

I don’t think so. At least I hope not. As a writer, and yes of course this post is about writing after all; I enter contests, apply for grants and wait as my dear agent does what she does best, subbing out my books, (Yay! Go Dawn!) and sometimes during these times of expectation and hope and waiting, I have to shake things up. Do something to remind myself that I’m alive, that I’m still a writer, even though nothing much is happening.

So this blog post is my virtual donut and cup of coffee.

I’ve been away too long. It’s about time I shake things up. Once or twice a month, at least, I will post some updates, some little thoughts that may spring to mind from time to time.

And BTW: Just because I ordered the donut and cup of coffee doesn’t mean I ingested them. It’s just nice to know they’re there. Just like my blog.