Looking at a sign for Granny’s Apple Fries in Legoland, California. And it’s muggy beyond muggy. Funny. Just as I complained, a cool ocean breeze blew by.

It’s fun to post at a place atypical to me. So here I am, surrounded by noisy children, laughing, playing, some crying or complaining, but all trying to have fun on this warm summer day in Legoland.

I’ve been meaning to write a little something about my first webinar. It was with Elizabeth Harding from Curtis Brown. Fantastic! I learned so much about the process, plus she gave special insights about querying & submission.

“Protect success!”

Find out what that means. I highly recommend watching this webinar. Especially since Elizabeth Harding doesn’t give many interviews.

Here’s the link:

It’s on Katie Davis’ website.

Well, going to see a Lego show. See you between the pages …