The morning is muggy and soon to warm up to a nice broil, is what the weather experts have forecasted. But we’re HERE!

I love Disneyland, or should I say, the fictional kingdom of MouseLand!

Of course, I won’t give away all of Humphrey’s secrets. Just a few.

Here’s the first stop…


The curbside where he’s dropped off and past security check-in where he blows off the bakery and heads straight into the Park.

Now to make it inside the Park …

8:45: Inside Park! The colorful Mickey (or in my book: Magnificent Mouse)…


8:48: Second tunnel:


8:50: Souvenir stand where Humphrey sheds the starchy button down shirt …


8:52: Goofy! (Based my fictional character Duffy Mouse on him.)


8:54: Walking down Main Street. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle…(or should I say: Sleepy Mouse’s Castle?)


10:03; Heading into Adventureland! …


10:08: The first ride Humphrey went on with his new family: The Sweetie Pie family…


10:24: on the ride … Yo ho, it’s a pirates (mouse’s) life for me!


10:35: In Critter Country, the approximate location Humphrey spies The Shiny Shoe Stalker! Eek. Do you see him in the crowd?



10:48: This bench means something in the book. Won’t tell what. 🙂


11:01: Wait time for Splash Mountain…(Nothing to do with my book, just thought it was interesting!)


11:21: On our way to Injun Joe’s cave …
11:32: We looked everywhere for the secret vent in the Bottomless Pit. We couldn’t find it. Had several helpers! ..

Maybe behind this panel? Humphrey had hoped to hide in this mythical location. 


11:48: Whew! It’s as warm as predicted. My hair is hugely pouffy! It’s been a fantastic, fun morning. Better put my hair in a ponytail. That’s what Humphrey’s new friend, Maribel, does!

Well, we’re ready to get on the train. 

This whole time I keep thinking…how would I feel if I were 10 yrs old and left here alone? Would it be fun? As I watch families around me, a large part of the magic of being here is the people you share it with.

I’ve concluded that being here alone would be the (bottomless) pits!

But after all this, will Humphrey ever find a new family? Will he escape The Shiny Shoe Stalker? And more importantly, as he faces his worst fears, who will be there for him? 

Find out these answers and more by requesting to read my book, H.H. PLUMTREE’S SECRET KINGDOM!

Ding! Here’s the train …

3:40: Had lots of detours, like, Tarzan’s Tree House, Winnie the Pooh’s ride, lunch at the Plaza Inn.

Plus, I bought a grey tee shirt with Mickey  (Magnificent Mouse) on the front, and changed in the bathroom, just as Humphrey does in the book.

Here’s the Cast Member Only door he escaped, running away from The Shiny Shoe Stalker…


6:57: A long but wonderful day! …