Last night we had a lovely dinner at a hole-in-the-wall, ate tacos and had a grand time.image But I had another full request and felt ancy to send out the materials. After dinner, we stopped at Sunset Cliff’s near Point Loma. imageBreathtakingly beautiful, the view that is. My cousin, Valerie, smiles nicely.

When we returned to my aunt’s house, I looked over the first page of my novel before sending it to the agent. My cousin’s husband says, “The word ‘laptop’ is two words.” I knew he was wrong, and I even argued the point, but tired and since the spell checker had underlined the word, I made it two words.

Okay, so later, after I hit SEND and returned to my little house in the RV park, I fretted the whole evening because laptop is not two words when referring to a computer. And I knew that. Why did I change it? And being the little perfectionist that I am, I fretted today too.

But it’s okay. Working on the road has its hazards.

Thanks a lot, Dave. šŸ˜Š