After all of my work is done, and my family taken care of, I sit at my computer moving words around a page like a house decorator moves furnishings around a room. Oh, perhaps that should go there. No. It doesn’t work. I’ll try something else. That word doesn’t fit. Let me see …

And I’ve just come to realize that whether I find a literary agent for my book(s) or a publisher, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had to remind myself that the journey can be just as adventerous as arriving at the destination.

The most exciting part of any story is when the protagonist is struggling toward their goal. So I’m at the most exciting part of my journey already. Aren’t I?

A doctor told me I have an inflamed, bleeding stomach. Wow. That didn’t sound too good. So I need to stay calm and not stress too much. That’s hard to do in life. And the bible says “Expectation postponed can make the heart sick.” With that in mind, it makes sense how a person who spends their time moving words around a page all day, hoping it will mean something to someone – well, that’s a recipe for disaster. Isn’t it?

I can’t stop arranging the words. I’ve tried. Truly.

So here is what I’ll do.

Sit here at the computer, obsessing over words, BUT – with tea and crackers. They seem to make everything much much better.