In between writing, revising and trying to find an agent, I had a party. The furniture was moved all around, made into cozy little sitting areas with small tables, flowers, candles, tiny lamps with fake flickering flames and … sparkly orange butterflies. My friends arrived with their favorite appetizer and a bottle of wine and we had a very grand time.

The party store sold these little lights that last up to eight hours long. Just twist and voila … it was so pretty! That was 24 hours ago and as I write here on my blog, I’m looking at the butterfly that I stuck inside one of the flower arrangements and the light is still flickering … weak but still making an attempt to stay alive.

I guess in a way, that’s me when it comes to the business of writing and trying to go forward to the next step, of finding an agent.

Trying to keep my little light of hope alive. That’s all I can do.