The airplane began its descent, streaming through long strands of white/grey strips of cloud. Down, down, down we went ... and home again.

Chicago was blooming; trees flowering, grasses sprouting and every taxi driver, hotel doorman or passerby we met said the same thing, "This is not normal." The week before it was in the 80's and Chicago weather made national news. And then this last weekend (when we went for Spring Break), it was cool again. But still warmer than usual.

We saw lots of stuff. And I mean LOTS! But here are some profound thoughts about my Chicago experience:

Yes ... it is windy. And YES it has some of the most stunning architectural skylines that I have ever seen. But it was the people that struck me. The way people moved throughout the city, their day, their lives. Because no matter where one goes, people everywhere are the same, even in their differences.

We took the city bus everywhere and the train, to and from the airport. This is what I learned about people:

When you are sitting across another human being on public transportation nobody wants to look at you in the eye. Their eyes are shut or drifting up at poster advertisments, down at their feet, reading a book or magazine, phone or some other electronic gadget. Once in awhile I got a glance or two from a fellow bus patron. And it was probably due to the fact that I was breaking all the rules and staring at everybody!

Well, what can I say. That's what writers do, right? We observe. It goes with the package. So thank you abnormally sunny Chicago for the month of March. Had loads of fun running around your city and studying your wondering faces!