I am happy to see the Jan/Feb issue of the SCBWI Bulletin. My nonfiction article, “Charlie and the Symphony” is mentioned in the PEOPLE section. It’s just a blurb. But a blurb is better than nothing.

I had dinner last night with grandpa Charlie. He’s 81 years old and remembers fondly his sweet music teacher, Miss Gallup. It was 1937. Every year Miss Gallup planned an outing at the Fairpark Music Hall in Dallas. The symphony cost 25 cents plus an extra 3 cents to ride the street car. That was a whole 28 cents! How could he ask his mother for such a dear sum of money?

I entered his story in the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award contest. It would be a great honor for grandpa Charlie ( and me), if we won. But … there are many good stories out there. I’m just happy FUN FOR KIDZ publisher Marilyn Edwards placed our story in her children’s magazine. If it won an award … wow!

Again, we wait and see. Just like everything else.