Our little puppy has found a new home. He’s on my lap snoring. He has no idea. It’s like my dad said, “His days are numbered.” The good thing is that we found a nice friend who will love him. My son named him Luke Skywalker. You know. The famous guy from Star Wars. But he has a face like Chewbacca.

On another note. I saw an interview with Maurice Sendak last night. Very eye opening. He’s not a kid friendly guy yet he’s an award winning, highly successful children’s author. I guess you don’t have to like children to be a children’s writer. At least according to him. He did admit to not liking people in general. Crotchety old guy.

Watching his interview I was intrigued, jealous, humored but most of all ANGRY. I mean. He accomplished what I’ve set out to do. All of us writers want to be published, award-winners, have our books made into movies. Yet he pooh-poohed it all. So nonchalant. Like it was no biggie. And even worse he complained about it.

All I have to say is: HOW WUDE!