My mom has an eight by ten postcard that I wrote in the third grade, pressed inside an old family photo album. It says, “I will be published all over the world,” written in thick, orange crayon.

Here is where I stand in reaching that goal:

I have been published in THE WRITERS’ JOURNAL, HOPSCOTCH FOR GIRLS, AND FUN FOR KIDZ children’s magazines.

Here is what I have available for future publication (not written in orange crayon):

HUMPHREY’S SECRET KINGDOM is a middle-grade novel with a modern day, fractured-fairy tale twist. Approximately 36,300 words, it is the story of a quirky and offbeat ten-year-old boy with a photographic memory named Humphrey Herbert Plumtree, whose busy mother drops him off at the front gates of Disneyland to spend the day alone.

BAREFOOT ON THE SIDEWALK is a diverse book. Middle-grade (approximately 30,000 words). The story is about eleven-year-old Abby Santoni who gets into a terrible car crash traveling from Brooklyn to Texas. She loses control, imagining the worst will happen at every turn, and ends up losing a lot of other important things, too. Including her self respect.

PETER’S FLOWERMISS is a middle grade chapter book (approximately 12,000 words). Nine-year-old Peter is brought to THE HIDEAWAY, a place where he meets three new friends who are homeless and live in their van. As FlowerMiss speaks to them by musical compositions, Peter realizes he can interpret the meaning behind her music as it speaks to him in a way that none of the others can understand.

HOBO TRAINS, A Great Depression Story is a 1000 word Early Reader that compares the lives of two girls living at two very different times in history.

ROBOBEES, Flight of the World’s First Robotic Bee is a nonfiction picture book text about the plight of the honeybee and Colony Collapse Disorder. Harvard University is developing a RoboBee that will pollinate crops like a real honeybee. Will their FANTASTICAL dream become a reality?

These are my books. They have not been published “all over the world.” NOT YET.

I am in the throes of querying agents with these stories and have had many postive responses – requests for full and partial manuscripts.

I am hopeful.

A little about me as a person:

I was born in Brooklyn, New York – raised in Texas – and have spent the majority of my grownup life in Idaho. I dabbled in the California-life for a while (where my family now lives) but it wasn’t meant to be, not for me, anyway.

One time I counted, and by my best guess, I’ve moved more than thirty times my whole life. Because I was always the new kid in town, I spent a lot of time observing, mainly because I felt invisible.

With all of that observing going on, I started journaling at the age of fourteen (thank you, Mrs Huthers) and never stopped. Now, over two hundred journals later, I have a lifetime of recorded observations sitting at my fingertips. Watch out family, I have much fodder for my story ideas! Hehe. 😉

In my sparest of spare time, I like to put on funny hats and give tea parties for my friends. One of the most exciting moments of my life was having afternoon tea at Harrods in London. It was divine.

I live in Idaho with one husband, one little son, and an African Sulcata tortoise named, Leonardo da Vinci.

Once or twice a year, I stay at the Lodge in Sun Valley. I always stop to see a framed letter by Ernest Hemingway, hanging in a line of photographs of famous people who have patroned the lodge. I love that letter. He was a grand and prolific writer. I’d like to think I can call myself “writer” too.

I AM a writer.

I like the sound of that.

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